This guide will instruct you to visualize data in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

1. Check all steps

Step 1.1: You MUST complete guides 1 and 2 in Easy LoRaWAN – Quickstart.

Step 1.2:  In LoRaWAN Server, to check for data field in “up” packets.

  • The data field must be populated as hex string.
  • The object field must be polulated by the server as a JSON object.

Step 1.3: In UI Server, the LoRaWAN node should be automatically created when it sends data to the Easy LoRaWAN cloud via a LoRaWAN gateway.

Step 1.4: We should see the uploaded data from JSON object in Step 1.2.

2. Visualize data

Step 2.1: To select on 1 telemetry and click on “Show on Widget”.

  • Analogue gauges: To show sensor value in analogue styles.
  • Digital gauges: To show sensor value in digital styles.
  • Charts: To show sensor value in bar and line graphs

Step 2.2: To select a bundle to visualize data and click “Add to dashboard”

Step 2.3: To add the widget into dashboard.

  • To “Create a new dashboard” if we do not have any dashboard yet.
  • To “Select existing dashboard” if we want to add the widget into an existing dashboard.
  • To check “Open dashboard” if we want to go to the dashboard after we add the widget.

Step 2.4: To select time range and edit the dashboard.

Step 2.5: To edit the widget as we want.

  • We can resize and move the widget
  • We can edit the widget
  • We can add new widgets, save changes or cancel saving the dashboard.


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