• Dragino LPS8 Gateway 923Mhz

  • Dragino DLOS8-EC25 (4G) Outdoor LoRaWAN gateway 923Mhz

LoRaWAN Gateways

The gateways connect the nodes up-to-10km away to servers.

The gateways provide the core infrastructure for long range IoT solutions.

  • Dragino LSN50-V2 – Waterproof LoRaWAN Sensor Node 923Mhz

  • Dragino RS485 to LoRaWAN Converter 923Mhz

  • Dragino LoRa LT-22222-L IO Controller 923Mhz

LoRaWAN Nodes

The nodes forward sensor data from sensors to the gateways up-to-10km away.

Moreover, the nodes are capable to control electrical devices such as water pumps or lights or machines.

Visualize data from your LoRaWAN nodes?