This guide will instruct you to send control commands (on/off relays…) from Easy LoRaWAN Cloud to a LoRaWAN Node.

We need to look for encodeDownlink functions in sample codecs:

1. Check all steps

Step 1.1: You MUST complete guides 1, 2 and 3 in Easy LoRaWAN – Quickstart.

2. Set button in UI Server

Step 2.1: To create a button in UI Server

Step 2.2: To edit the button as below.

2. Set encodeDownlink in AWS Server

Step 3.1: To change the encodeDownlink function in Device-profile for the corresponding LoRaWAN Node.

  • It should be in the sample codec. Or you have to do it your own.

Step 3.2: To edit encodeDownlink function.

  • The actual commands are usually in hex. Please check the manual of the LoRaWAN Device for the correct commands.
  • The below hex commands will on/off RO1 relay ouput in Step 2.2.

Step 3.3: Easy LoRaWAN Cloud will automatically send to the LoRaWAN Node via the connected LoRaWAN gateway.

  • Easy LoRaWAN Cloud will send the commands to a LoRaWAN gateway.
  • The LoRaWAN gateway will send a Confirmed Data Down packet to the LoRaWAN node. It will ensure the node receives the commands from the Cloud.
  • For LoRaWAN Node in Class A (Battery device): The node will receive the command after waking up and sending an uplink to the Cloud.
  • For LoRaWAN Node in Class C (Continous device with main power): The node will receive the command within 1-2 seconds.


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