1. BLG-AN-040-R Fiberglass Outdoor Antenna – Anten ngoài trời bọc sợi thủy tinh

Outdoor antennas for LoRaWAN gateways and nodes:
– Part Number: BLG-AN-040-R-915 (RP-SMA)
– 1 x BLG-AN-040 Fiber Glass Antenna: 920-923Mhz frequency, 3dBi gain, Ommi Directional and 40cm.
– 1 x N-Female to RP-SMA Male cable: 60cm
– 1 x Mounting Support: For pole or wall
– Datasheet: https://bit.ly/Dragino-BLG-AN-040

Price: 1.080.000 VND

2. LMR400 Cables

LMR400 cables are strongly recommended for LoRaWAN:

  • LMR400 cables with 50Ohm have low signal loss and suitable for outdoor environment.
  • Do not use RG-8 or RG-174 due to high signal attenuation.
  • Do not use adapters for connectors.
  • Attennuation calculator: here 

LMR400 cables:

  • Cable only: here.
  • Cable (3m, RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female): here.

3. Cable Connectors

Default connectors in gateways:

  • Dragino LPS8: (Gateway) SMA Female and (Antenna) SMA Male.
  • Dragino DLOS8: (Gateway) SMA Female, (Cable) SMA Male to N Female and (Antenna) N Male.

Default connectors in nodes:

  • Dragino RS485-BL and RS485-LN: (Node) RP-SMA Female and (Antenna) RP-SMA Male.
  • Dragino LT-22222-L and LSN50v2: (Node) SMA Female and (Antenna) SMA Male.

Connectors for LMR400 cables:

Connectors and cables for BLG-AN-040 outdoor antenna:

  • BLG-AN-040 antenna uses N Male connector.
  • N Female to RP-SMA Male: cable and connector
  • N Female to SMA Male: connector

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