This guide will instruct you to send a downlink command from LoRaWAN Server to LoRaWAN Node.

  • Downlink commands are usually used to send remote configuration commands (sending interval, reboot, customed RS485 commands…) to nodes.
  • Easy LoRaWAN Server:

Step 1: To go to the node you want to send downlink commands and click on the DevEUI of the node

Step 2: To go to the Queue of the node

Step 3: To key in the downlink payload and click Enqueue

  • Confirmed: To check if the command is important and you want to make sure it is delivered to the node
  • FPort: It must be > 0. To check the manual if your node requires a special port
  • Payload format: Usually in HEX

Step 4: To click Reload to see if the downlink is sent.

  • If the node uses LoRaWAN Class C (with main power) and it is online, the downlink command will be sent instantly.
  • If the node uses LoRaWAN Class A (with battery), the downlink command will be sent after the node wakes up and sends data up to server.


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