This guide will instruct you to use RAK2171 WisNode TrackIt in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

A. Basic Setup

Step 1: We will use the “Third-Party LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) Mode” for this node.

Step 2: To do Step 1 to step 10 in the product guide

Step 3:

  • To save Dev EUI and App Key to use later in Easy LoRaWAN
  • To use Class A
  • To choose region for your country.

B. Codec

Codec is used by the LoRaWAN Server in later guide to decode the message to suitable format for human and the Cloud.

Step 1:

  • Payload for RAK TrackIt: In RAK

Step 2: We have prepared the codec for this node. We will need it when we add the node into Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

  • RAK2171-TrackIt.js: here

Next Steps:

  • You can continue with the Quickstart guides here


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