This guide will instruct you to use Dragino TrackerD in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

A. Basic Setup

Step 1: The full user guide for this node is at Dragino WiKi.

Step 2: To access UART Console for the node

Step 3: To check  the frequency plan and version of the firmware in the node

  • To reboot: ATZ
  • To see all the configurations: AT+CFG


  • The default password is 123456
  • The commands are all upper case.

Step 4: If the frequency plan is NOT what you want, you need to flash the firmware.


  • For Dragino nodes, by default, AU915 is AU915_1 (916.8-918.2 Mhz) and US915 is US915_1 (903.9-905.3 Mhz).

Step 5: You may want to set the mode of the nodes

  • To set the mode of the node by AT commands: here
  • The default mode is GPS only.

Step 6: You need to copy down the Dev EUI and App Key to join the server later

  • You can copy from AT+CFG command
  • Or from the paper label on the node

B. Codec

Codec is used by the LoRaWAN Server in later guide to decode the message to suitable format for human and the Cloud.

Step 1: Uplink payload is dependent on device modes.

  • Uplink payLoad for Dragino TrackerD: here

Step 2: The sample codec is at the top of the guide.

Next Steps:

  • You can continue with the Quickstart guides here


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