This guide will instruct you to use Kerlink Wirnet iStation in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

Step 1: To power on and connect your gateway into your network switch via LAN cable.

  • The network switch MUST be able to access Internet.

Step 2: To download Advanced IP Scanner and Putty to your laptop/PC.

  • Download links are in this guide.

Step 3: To obtain the IP of your gateway from Advanced IP Scanner.

  • Your laptop with Advanced IP Scanner MUST be in the same network with the gateway.
  • If the IP of your gateway is not found, then you may need to reset your gateway to factory defaults.

Step 4: To access the Web interface of your gateway

  • URL: http://<your-gateway-IP>
  • Username: admin
  • Default password: pwd4admin

Step 5: In the Web Interface, to make sure the gateway use the required frequency plan.

  • By default, your gateway should be already set to the correct frequency plan (US915, EU868, AS923…) by the manufacturer.

Step 6: To use Putty to SSH into your gateway

  • SSH to your gateway’s IP
  • Username: root
  • Default password: pdmk-$serialno (Last 6 digits of board ID). For example: pdmk-010001

Step 7: In Putty, to get your gateway EUI

  • grep EUI /tmp/board_info.json
  • Example output: “EUI64”: “7076FFxxxx03028B”. Then you keep 7076FFxxxx03028B as Gateway EUI for later use.

Step 8: In Putty, to enable Kerlink CPF

  • klk_apps_config –activate-cpf

Step 9: In Putty, to configure Kerlink CPF

  • vim /etc/lorafwd.toml
    under the [ gwmp ] section:
    node = “
    service.uplink = 5700
    service.downlink = 5700
  • The uplink and downlink port are 5700 for EU868. For other frequency plans, you can check the ports here.

Step 10: In Putty, to restart your gateway

  • monit restart lorafwd
  • Or you can unplug and plug back the gateway.

Next steps:

  • You can continue with the Quickstart guides here


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