This guide will instruct you to use Mikrotik KNOT LR8 and LR9 in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

1. Basic Setup

Step 1: To connect to the gateway

  • The MikroTik Routerboard exposes a WiFi Access Point (AP) with SSID MikroTik-xxxxxx, where xxxxxx are the last 6 digits of the device’s MAC address.
  • Use your PC, tablet or smartphone to connect to this AP. You will not need a password to connect to this AP.
  • By opening your browser to you will be able to access the RouterOS web interface and configure your gateway device.

Step 2: To connect the gateway into the network and make sure the gateway can reach the Internet.

Step 3 (Optional): To setup LTE-M for the gateway

  • Connect an external antenna to the LTE-M antenna connector.
  • Go to Interfaces, click on PPP-out1 and fill out the APN settings of your operator.
  • To test whether a connection with your LTE-M network is established, go to the Terminal tab in the RouterOS web interface and run the command:
    /interface ppp-client info ppp-out1I
  • If the gateway is set up correctly, it will respond with a message like:
    modem-status: ready
    pin-status: no password required
    functionality: full
    manufacturer: Quectel
    model: BG77
    revision: BG77LAR02A04
    current-operator: LMT (n/a)
    signal-strength: -67 dBm

2. LoRaWAN Configuration

Step 1: Select LoRa on the left hand menu. The status of the gateway should be Disabled – if needed, press the D button to disable it.

  • The Gateway ID you see here is the Gateway EUI we need for later guide.
  • To click on Channels to see the supported LoRaWAN Channel for the gateway.

Step 2: From the top menu, select the Servers tab and press the Add New button.

Step 3: From the top menu, select the Devices tab. Click the Gateway ID to configure the gateway.

  • In the device settings, click the Network Servers drop-down menu to view available servers. Choose the server you created in the previous step.
  • Select Public for the Network and click OK to save these parameters.
  • Press the E button to enable the gateway device (it is enabled when E becomes D) and the device status will update.

Next steps:

  • You can continue with the Quickstart guides here


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