This guide will instruct you to use Milesight UG65 LoRaWAN Gateway in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

1. Basic Setup

Step 1: To plug the gateway to power

Step 2: To search for WiFi AP “Gateway_******” to connect to it.

Step 3: To open a Web browser on your laptop / PC and type to access the web GUI.

  • The default username is admin
  • The default password is password

Step 4:  To follow the guide to complete the basic configurations.

Step 5: To connect gateway to Cellular, Wired LAN or WiFi so the gateway can connect to a network.

2. LoRaWAN Configuration

We will use Packet Forwarder to connect the gateway to Easy LoRaWAN server

Step 1: To click Packet Forwarder on the left menu

Step 2: To click on General and take note the Gateway EUI

  • We will need the Gateway EUI for later guide.

Step 3: To select Internal Antenna or External Antenna

Step 4: To select a region for LoRaWAN.

Step 5: To connect to Easy LoRaWAN server

  • To go to Packet Forwarder > General
  • To click + to add a new network server

Step 6: To fill in the network server information

Next: Now you can continue to add your gateway to Easy LoRaWAN Cloud in the guides.

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