This guide will help to do initial setup to a Dragino LoRaWAN gateway: Management Web GUI and Network connectivity.

A. Hardware Assembling

The gateway is assembled in the following steps:

  • To attach the provided antenna to the gateway. The gateway MUST be attached to the antenna before power on.
  • To attach the USB power adapter to the gateway
  • To attach the USB power adapter to main power

B. Setup gateway for the first time

  • If the WiFi of your laptop/PC is NOT in use,  to follow “Setup via Gateway WiFi”.
  • Else if the LAN port of your laptop/PC is NOT in use,  to follow “Setup via Gateway LAN port”.

Step 1: To connect via Internal WiFi of the gateway

  • To find a WiFi name dragino-xxxxxx of your gateway and connect to it.
  • Password: dragino+dragino

Step 2: To connect to Web management of the gateway

  • URL: (Internal WiFi IP)
  • SSH: port 2222
  • Username: root
  • Password: dragino

C. Connect gateway to production network

These steps are to deploy the gateway into production network for long term usage.

  • You may want to use Advanced IP Scanner to check the IP of your gateway.
  • If the gateway can connect to both LAN and WiFi, LAN connection will be in use and WiFi will be on standby.

If you have a WiFi access point near the gateway, you can connect the gateway to the WiFi access point.

Step 1: To click Network > WiFi then enter the WiFi name and password of the WiFi access point. And click Save&Apply.

Step 2 (Optional): Click Network > Network, you can leave it as DHCP or set a Static IP for the WiFi.

Step 3: You can find the WiFi IP in Network > Network Status

  • You can now access the gateway via http://WiFi-IP:8000 (or http://WiFi-IP) and SSH to port 2222

D. Configure LoRaWAN Settings

Step 1: To set the gateway to use your frequency plan. To click “Save & Apply”.

Step 2: To set the following information to connect to the Easy LoRaWAN Cloud. To click Save&Apply.

  • Service Provider: Custom / Private LoRaWAN
  • Server Address: Check LoRaWAN Server for gateways at the top of the guide.
  • Uplink and Downlink Port: To check here for your frequency plan and ports. Port 1700 for AS923-2 (Vietnam).


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