This tutorial will instruct how to troubleshoot some common errors when using Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

1. Check for errors in UI Server

Step 1.1: In UI Server, go to Devices > Attributes > Client Atributes and check for lastlog_### attributes.

2. Check for errors in AWS Server

Step 2.1: Go to AWS Server > Applications > Devices > Choose the corresponding device > Events

  • To look for log events.
  • To click for the arrow of the log event to see the detail error.

Step 2.2: To check for detail error, some common errors are below:

  • json: unsupported value: NaN“: There is some invalid NaN or null value in the uplink. Please check the uplink data or decoder function of the corresponding device-profile.
  • js vm error…“: The decoder function is not defined or has invalid Javascript commands. Please check the format or the decoder function of the corresponding device-profile.

Step 2.3: To check if there is compilation error of the Javascript function in  the device-profile of the device.

  • If yes, please correct the Javascript error.

3. To manually decode uplink for debugging purpose

Step 3.1: To decode the uplink data for debugging purpose

  • To click on an uplink just after the log event.
  • To check for data field. The data is displayed in Base64.
  • The object field is empty due to error in the decoder function.

Step 3.2: You can decode the data field into meaningful value if you know the correct format of your own data

A sample decode from Base64 to text:

A sample decode from Base64 to Hex:

You need to fix the decoder function in Step 3a and/or uplink data in Step 3b in order to make the data uploaded into Easy LoRaWAN Portal.

  • The required output of the decoder function MUST be a valid JSON data.


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