Up-to-10km Smart Environment

Up-to-10km Smart Environment enables factories, industrial parks and cities monitor environmental quality in the areas.

  • To monitor temperature, humidity, fine dust, rain color, wind flow…
  • To alert of abnormal enviromental issues based on machine-learning analytics
  • Global LoRaWAN standard
  • Large coverage with up-to-10km wireless nodes
  • Simple deployment with up to 10-year battery life

1. System Flows

  • The environmental sensors output data to RS485 interface. Possible sensors are air temperature, air humidity, wind flow, dust, noise, rain…
  • The LoRaWAN Nodes (Dragino RS485-BL…) collect data from environmental sensors via RS485 and forward the data to the gateways up-to-10km away. Some LoRaWAN Nodes (Dragino LSN50v2-S31…) have the built-in sensors and 10-year battery life.
  • The LoRaWAN Gateways (Dragino DLOS8N or LPS8v2…) receive the data from nodes and forward the data to the cloud via WiFi/LAN/4G.
  • The Easy LoRaWAN Cloud visualizes the data in graphical graphs. The cloud optionally sends data to external systems, send alerts and performs machine-learning analytics.

2. Control Center for Operators

The operators can view environmental data on the web using Easy LoRaWAN UI or UIPE.

3. Control Center on Mobile App

The operators can view environmental data on their own mobiles using Easy LoRaWAN App:

4. Realtime Alarms

The cloud could send alarms to Telegram group to alert the operators on their own mobile phones.

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