This guide will help to do initial setup to a Dragino LSN50v2 node: Power on and UART connectivity.

1. Pin Mapping

v2.0: GND, PA2 and PA3 for UART connection.

v2.3: Extra pin GND, PA2 and PA3 for UART connection.

2. Connect UART cable

Turn on the battery power and connect to UART cable

  • Connect to UART USB (baud rate 9600): RXD-PA2, TXD-PA3 and GND-GND
  • Connect the yellow jumper.

Notes: To connect to extra pins PA2, PA3 and GND in v2.3 for easier access.

3. Connect to UART console

Step 1: To open a UART console

Step 2: To open Tera Term and check if the frequency plan is AS923-2 for Vietnam.

  • No password is required.
  • Reboot: ATZ
  • Show all configurations: AT+CFG

Step 3: To check for LoRaWAN information.

  • DEUI: Node ID. Must be unique.
  • Required for OTAA: APPKEY.
  • Required for ABP: DADDR, NWKSKEY and APPSKEY
  • APPEUI: May or may not required by the server.


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