29 Feb 2024

Easy LoRaWAN Cloud has been designed to serve billions of IoT devices worldwide. It was built on top of the best scalable Cloud infrastructure to serve the great increasing scale.

  • Global cache servers: Cache servers are available in many data centers around the world to provide fast speed access for customers and their devices.
  • Server clusters: Multiple servers with high redundancy to provide high service uptime even when a server fails.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: Backup and disaster recovery mechanisms are configured to mitigate any big issues during the operation.

Till now, Easy LoRaWAN Cloud has customers from US, EU, South Africa, Australia, South East Asia…

  • Easy LoRaWAN Cloud collects sensor data, visualize data and optionally feed the data to customers’ reporting system (Business Intelligence).
  • Some customers even use our services for their factories across regions as they are multi-nation companies.

Enjoy the LoRaWAN solutions around the world. 🙂

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