13 April 2024

Factories are now having a need to connect all their sensors to IT management platform for advanced monitoring and reporting.

  • Most of the sensors in the factories use RS485/Modbus standard.
  • The factories want to connect wirelessly and securely to sensors especially at remote areas or hard-to-reach positions.

Conventional Monitoring

For a long time, RS485 / Modbus protocol is the widely used for sensors and machines in industrial applications

  • World-wide standard for industrial applications
  • Wire-connection from sensors to PLCs.

However, PLCs have limited analytics capability and wire-connections have limitation to connect to a centralized monitoring system.

Advanced Monitoring with Analytics

After establishing LoRaWAN infrastructure with LoRaWAN servers and LoRaWAN gateways, we can connect any RS485 sensors and PLCs to LoRaWAN RS485 nodes:

  • LoRaWAN RS485 nodes can collect data from any connected RS485 sensors and send wirelessly to centralized servers
  • The data is encrypted and sent securely to servers with high security.
  • Servers will display the data as graphs automatically with analytics capability.

This is how a LoRaWAN RS485 node will connect to RS485 sensors.

  • Simple
  • Standard

The servers will show the data as visualized graphs on the web and mobile apps.

We can have analytics on the Business Intelligence system for further insights and optimization.

Let’s make the factories connected. 🙂

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