This guide will help to do initial setup to a Dragino RS485-LN node: Power on and UART connectivity.

1. Pin Mapping

RS485 pins:

  • RS485 A:  to RS485 A of the RS485 sensor
  • RS485 A: to RS485 A of the RS485 sensor
  • GND_485 (Optional): To GND of RS485 sensor. This is only required for long RS485 cable.

Power pins:

  • VIN+: To VCC+ of the power supply (7-24v). Recommended voltage: 12v or 24v.
  • VIN-: To GND of the power supply

Other pins:

  • INT: To set interrupt to send an uplink.
  • PROG: To connect to UART cable for debugging or uploading firmware


  • RST: To reset node
  • PRO: To enter flashing mode
  • ACT: To send an uplink

2. Connect to Power and RS485 Sensors

Sample wiring from RS485-LN to multiple RS485 sensors:

  • 12vDC or 24vDC adapter is required.
  • A and B port of RS485-LN node are wired parallelly to A and B of RS485 sensors.

3. Connect UART cable

In the box, there is a 3.5mm program cable.

To connect the 3.5mm program cable into PROG port of the node and UART USB into the laptop/PC.

4. Connect to UART console

Step 1: To open a UART console

Step 2: To open Tera Term and check if the frequency plan is AS923-2 for Vietnam.

  • Default password: 123456
  • Reboot: ATZ
  • Show all configurations: AT+CFG

Step 3: To check for LoRaWAN information.

  • DEUI: Node ID. Must be unique.
  • Required for OTAA: APPKEY.
  • Required for ABP: DADDR, NWKSKEY and APPSKEY
  • APPEUI: May or may not required by the server.


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