This guide will compare the features of UI and UIPE in Easy LoRaWAN Cloud.

  • UI: This IoT server is part of Easy LoRaWAN Cloud – Demo plan.
  • UI PE: This IoT server is part of Easy LoRaWAN Cloud – Pro, Factory, Industrial Park and City Plan. UI PE is the Professional Edition of UI and offers more advanced features

Common Features

  • Mobile App on iOS and Android
  • Asset management & Data collection
  • End-user real-time dashboards
  • Customizable rule chains, widgets
  • MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA transport
  • Integrations with BigData systems
  • Rule Engine

Advanced Features for UI PE

  • Entity groups
  • Advanced Role Based Access Control
  • Scheduler
  • Reporting
  • Excel data export
  • Platform Integrations (MQTT, HTTP, The Things Stack, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, ThingPark…)

UI for simpler solutions

UIPE with more features for complex solutions

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